Chef Lyell Cash has been the senior event chef for Grace Street Catering for over 22 years, event chef for Chez Panisse in Berkeley,and chef for special events with Christopher Lee [ Eccolo Restaurant ]

Lyell has worked with high profile clientele including celebrities, dignitaries, athletes, such as then candidate for Vice President Joe Biden, former Vice President Al Gore,  just to name a few. If you need a dining experience, you'll get the same Five Star quality food.



Your Private Chef Lyell Cash aims to improve your life through the pleasures of delicious, sustainable, and healthy food.

There is a way to get it right. Natural foods, grown without chemicals. The freshest possible vegetables. The most succulent meats, from livestock raised outside in their naturally preferred setting. Whole grains.
Ingredients sourced directly from farmers. Food prepared in small batches by hand.

It's simple - but not easy. It takes time and effort to source the best ingredients.

This is where Chef Lyell comes in. I've done the legwork to source the best ingredients. Taste tested hundreds of recipes.  I make it easy for you to eat sustainable, healthy, and delicious meals in the comfort of your home.

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